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Pandemic Prep: Training Your Students and Your Instructors


The start of the fall semester is only 4 months away. Are your prepared to offer your instructors the proper training they need?  A comprehensive blended learning strategy can help your students and instructors succeed if the need arises to shift online again.  Asynchronous learning is crucial to this strategy to ensure flexibility and accessibility to all students. In this webinar, experts from Instructure and Harmonize discuss how you can build and enhance your blended learning strategy.

Jared Stein, VP of Higher Education Strategy

Jared Stein

As VP of Higher Education Strategy for Canvas by Instructure, Jared Stein and team uncover new ways that technology can improve teaching and learning -- often in collaboration with colleges and universities. Jared works to help teachers design effective blended and online learning so that all students can have great exper

iences in education. He believes in applying research to design, and encourages real-world practice, openness, and simplicity. Jared has also helped institutions plan for education challenges through grassroots, faculty-driven initiatives (such as open education projects), and top-level leadership plans (such as the growth of online and hybrid offerings). Jared is co-author of Essentials for Blended Learning: A Standards-Based Guide, now in 2nd edition.


Marcus PopetzMarcus Popetz, CEO & Co-founder

Marcus Popetz is CEO and co-founder of 42 Lines, a higher education software development company that recently launched Harmonize, a next-generation online discussion platform that unites students and instructors in a more engaged and collaborative learning experience. Since 2009, 42 Lines has delivered custom software solutions to higher education, helping institutions work more efficiently to serve students, improve engagement and retention, and support their missions. Marcus believes that technology can radically change how institutions imagine themselves and he works to overcome barriers between what is and what can be. Marcus lives in Boulder, CO with his wife and two boys. When he’s not thinking about technology, you can usually find him on a mountain, sometimes biking, sometimes skiing.

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