Best Practices Guide for Online Discussions

While teaching and learning might look different, at its core, it’s still about relationships. As students and instructors find themselves engaging with each other over distances and through new technologies, will they be able to develop the kinds of connections that facilitate learning?  

Students want to be heard. And the best way to let them know you are listening is by providing consistent and substantive feedback. Discussion boards can be a vital tool for engaging students more deeply in the online classroom. The Best Practice Guide for Online Discussion, authored by Dr. Rhonda  Blackburn, former president of the United States Distance Learning Association, provides advice for how to deliver an online experience where students can share what matters to them.

Rhonda  Blackburn, PhD
Dr. Blackburn has been working in academia for the pasts 20+ years as a teacher, administrator, trainer, and consultant. Before serving as  VP and Chief Academic Officer for LoudCloud Systems, she was the Senior Advisory Consultant and Strategic Account Manager for Higher Education for Desire2Learn, where she provided guidance and planning for state-wide consortiums and large institutions.  
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