SymphonizED 2021: November 4. 2021

Join us Thursday, November 4th to


  Create a more dynamic online education experience.
  Apply learnings to empower more inclusive, deeper learning.
  Engage students through enhanced online collaboration and academic discussion capabilities.

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Student Success: We're Doing it Wrong

Dr. Jeff Borden kicks off SymphonizED 2021 with a keynote presentation addressing the value and usefulness of the two “forgotten” corners of the learning triangle.

Jeff Borden, Chief Academic and VP of Academic Affairs at D2L

Dr. Jeff Borden

Chief Academic and VP of Academic Affairs at D2L

For longer than a century, we have had a viable framework for holistic learning in the learning triangle. Early theorists and practitioners knew that learning was not solely a cognitive issue, but required harmony with affective and cognitive experiences too. 

Join Dr. Jeff D. Borden as he unpacks the value and usefulness of the two “forgotten” corners of the learning triangle, now supported by numerous studies in neuroscience and learning design research. See why engagement matters, how outside-class relationships grease the skids for in-class learning, and how to build a safety net for all students. This seasoned presenter will illustrate and model the important behaviors and aspects of holistic, personalized, meaningful learning experiences.

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Attend a Session

Dive deeper into online student engagement best practices, techniques, and tools. See you there!

Regular & Substantive Interaction: In Practice

It can be a challenge to know where to start or improve student engagement and individualized attention. The pandemic shift to remote and hybrid learning has made it even more complex. How can educators go beyond the grade book? How can we do more to meet the Regular & Substantive Interaction (RSI) guidelines that are truly helpful for students— not just checking the box? 

Innovative & Unique Ways to Engage Students

If you've read the best practice guides and latest papers and still haven't found the secret to engaging your students in active conversations, join this session. Dr. Rhonda Blackburn and Betty Jo Harris will discuss how to create a sense of community in online classes and increase student engagement. 

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